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Measure your horse then buy a saddle that fits!

Properly fitting saddles is Crest Ridge Saddlery’s first objective!

Crest Ridge Saddlery offers nine different saddle styles built in a variety of weights.  We offer seat sizes from 13" to 18" (13", 14", and 18" seats are special orders which may take longer to produce and are not available in all styles). With 19 saddle trees in our active inventory, Crest Ridge Saddlery can provide a saddle that best fits you, your horse or mule.  We assist your selection process by identifying which saddles will best fit you horse using measurements and photographs you take using our easy to follow saddle fitting system on our “How to Measure” page.  Our saddle fitting system works on all types of horses and mules including stock horses, gaited horses, draft horses and mules.  Our system even works for zorses!

Our goal is to sell you a proper fitting saddle for your horse that improves your horse’s gait, your safety and your enjoyment.  All Crest Ridge saddles are designed to place the rider in a center balanced riding position, for optimal safety and comfort.  Our saddles are designed to reduce their weight by using shorter rounded skirts.  Our saddles accommodate the shorter backs found in many gaited breeds and feature flared trees to avoid interfering with the horses shoulder.

All of our saddles are built with high quality materials by some of the finest Amish leather craftsman in the country.  Crest Ridge saddles are built to last by using top quality materials and attention to detail in both design and construction.  Our Amish master craftsman can build a custom saddle for you--if you can dream it, we can build it.

We stand behind our service, saddle fitting, materials and craftsmanship by guaranteeing your satisfaction.  If within seven days, or longer with our agreement, the saddle is not right for any reason, send it back for an exchange or a full refund, less shipping.

If you have more questions, call us at 417-644-0091 or send an e-mail to
Ovation Saddle
Our Best Seller:
The Ovation

Saddles pictured may include optional equipment that is available at additional cost.

Trail Saddles

Trail horse saddles are the most popular style of gaited horse saddle in the United States. Crest Ridge Saddlery offers five different trail horse saddles. Each is uniquely designed to match needs of the horse and rider.  Our trail saddles are also available in Ultra-Lite and Lite models, where we substitute Codura for leather and/or use lighter weight trees to reduce the total weight to as little as 14 pounds as compared to around 25 pounds for our traditional leather saddles.

Our horse saddle designs were inspired by working saddles from the ‘old west’ which we modified to take advantage of modern technology and our years of experience in leading organized trail rides. Our flared trees are perfect for gaited horses.  Every saddle we make places the rider in the center balanced position that has been proven superior over centuries of riding. Our horse saddles offer a variety of rigging options to prevent galling and enhance saddle stability. Crest Ridge Saddlery places a premium on rider comfort too. Our saddles have Supra-Cor padded gel-like seats standard. Many of our saddles can be, as an option, reinforced to safely withstand the demands of roping. Whether you are pleasure riding or riding in a competitive trail event, we have a saddle that fits your horse. Our trail saddle lines are the:

Ovation Endurance Saddle for Gaited Horses and Mules
Sentry gaited horse and mule saddle
Sinclair Plantation saddle for gaited horses and mules
Wade Lite

Heritage Saddles

Our Heritage Saddles are modern renditions of classic saddle concepts adapted to the demanding requirements of gaited horses and mules. We took proven ideas such as McClellan rigging, bear trap swells, California fenders, 3/4 seats, over the tree rigging and many others, to create these saddles.  Most of these saddles began as a custom order by one of our customers who had seen a saddle in a museum and wanted one for themselves. Each is a work of art made by our Amish master craftsman. All our Heritage Saddles are completely functional and rugged enough for everyday use. 

Our Heritage Saddles are all designed to place the rider in a center balanced position.  Each features the same high quality materials and craftsmanship that is Crest Ridge Saddlery's hallmark.  Our Heritage Saddle line consists of:
Bear Trap Saddle
Bear Trap
High Prairie giated horse and mule saddle
High Prairie
Wade Saddle with Basket Weave Tooling
Old Timer


Custom Saddles

Many avid riders have the ideal saddle pictured in their mind but can't find exactly what they want. Crest Ridge Saddlery can finally make that dreamed for saddle a reality by building a custom saddle and tack for your horse or mule. You don't have to compromise your desires, nor do we compromise on quality. Best of all, you'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is to have your custom gaited horse or mule saddle built by Crest Ridge Saddlery.  The pictures below are just a few examples of what we have built in the past.  Click here to learn more about our process for building you a custom saddle that fits.

Wade Tree Sinclair
A Wade tree saddle with Plantation fenders and English stirrup leathers.
Custom gaited horse saddle Custom built gaited horse saddle
Above is a Sentry Western gaited horse saddle that has Plantation style fenders and stirrup leathers. Additionally, the rigging was modified, moving it back from the normal position on a Sentry saddle.

Which saddles are most likely to fit my breed of horse?
A check mark indicates we've had success with that breed/saddle combination.  We still need to fit your horse.
Saddle\Breed TW MFT RMH KMH Paso ASB Standard-Bred Morgan AQHA
AQHA (Appendix) TB Arab Mule
Bear Trap            
High Prairie            
Wade Old Timer        
means there is a possibility of fit for some in the breed, but not for most.

Customer Comments:

Hi Debra,

I bought an ovation saddle from you in February. Sad to say I have finally had time to ride my haflinger. My husband and I rode up and down hills for two hours yesterday. What an amazing change in my ride! Hazel was more relaxed going down hills and in her trot. A lot less head tossing, trying to side step down hills and refusing to go down hill! I am sending some pictures of her uniformly wet back. I am so happy! I love the light weight, easy to carry saddle. I am very pleased with the quality and it looks great on Miss Hazel! I never thought I could find a saddle to fit her.  Thank you so much! I am looking forward to putting lots of hours in my new saddle!  Laura Whiteleather (May 2013)

Debra,  I just wanted to write to thank you so much for my new saddle. It is exactly what your website promised in that it is close contact, balanced and very comfortable. I wasn't sure how I would like the "endurance" look to it but when I pulled it out of the box my husband commented that it was beautiful and that he wouldn't mind having one for himself. I agree with him.

I'm so glad that we took the time to try out different trees and then went with the custom made tree. It actually fits both of my young horses very well. As soon as the funds come around I plan to order the second one.

This is the culmination of a two year search for a western saddle for my young horses that I could feel confident in knowing that the saddle really fit them. Your website is so informative (especially the back map) and your personal attention to customer service is so refreshing. I will definitely do business with you guys again!  Thanks again,  Renee M. (April 2103)

absolutely love my saddle. It is so comfortable. I think Ringo really likes it too. I got a nice medical grade sheepskin cover for his cinch which he really likes also. Everyone likes my saddle. They really like the softness of the leather. The stirrups were so easy to turn. I put a stick through them to turn them for one night, and they have not moved back to their original position at all. My saddle felt like it was broken in the first time I rode in it. I also like the no horn option. Didn't know if I would, but I can hug Ringo's neck now and not get stuck in my belly like the horn did. I don't have to worry about my shirt getting caught on the horn anymore either. Your product is just awesome and so is your service. Thank You, Marcy 

...I have to say that my clients ride much better now that they have gotten the Crest Ridge. So many of their previous saddles put them in the back and their leg forward. Not only have you helped the horses, but you also made me teaching the owners proper riding position much easier. Thanks again! Gaye

I do want you to know that I LOVE MY SADDLE! I tell everyone about it and it has saved me from a fall or two!  Maureen Reilly

Pictured below are 2 of the most wonderful Crest Ridge Saddlery customers. JP (Left) is aboard her horse Storm and he wearing a Sentry Saddle and Orin (Right) is aboard Chopper modeling his Wade saddle. These 4 spend most of their time burning up the trails of the State of Michigan and the staff of Crest Ridge Saddlery is blessed to be a part of their lives!

Debra and Sarah,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, professionalism, expertise and attention to detail. You are true to your word when you say you will work with a person to make sure everything is as it should be and not just through the initial purchase, but for the lifetime of the saddle. I was more than impressed with your closing statement during our last conversation where you mentioned we would "keep watching her and do another fitting as she grows".

I was nearly heart broken when I received my first saddle and knew after seating myself in the saddle that first time that it was not going to fit "me". The saddle was perfect for my mule, but just wasn't going to fit me. My second saddle come with the bigger seat and again the workmanship and quality is top notch. The seat fits me perfect, as well as my mule. The second time around I purchased a much needed headstall, reins and much wanted swell bag and Terrain 4 - point breast collar.

Thank you again for taking the time and making me feel like I was the only customer you were dealing with. I appreciate it.

Gale Coleman

Dear Debra....this email is long over due. I purchased my first Crest Ridge Crusade Lite saddle from you about 8 years ago, since then have purchased several more and a new Ovation last summer. The original Crusade I returned to replace the skirt and add new leather fenders, you said "you sure do ride" when you saw the saddle. That saddle is still in use several days a week, originially purchased for my mountain horse, who I lost, now on my MFT mare, fits her perfectly and is as comfortable as the day I received it, wouldn't let it go for any amount of money.
My new Ovation, purchased last summer for my then 2 yr old MFT gelding, with your help suggesting an extra wide tree, is getting trail use now, it is beautifully made and very comfortable, fits him perfectly and I also use it on my mare with a different saddle pad. BTW, your new wool pads are great, best I have ever used.
I can't say enough about Crest Ridge saddles, they are absolutely the best , I have had a lot of different saddles, will never buy anything but a Crest Ridge, great quality, fairly priced and your service is outstanding. I hope to be riding in them for many more years.
I am very appreciative of the personal service I have received over the years from you, thank you so much and may you have many happy trails.  Sherry A. Barker,  Ocala, Florida


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