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Crest Ridge Saddlery offers top quality tack to compliment your saddle. As with all of our products, we use only top grade materials and Amish craftsmanship to build each piece of tack we sell.  All of our tack is made by us, here in the United States.  If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call at 417-644-0091 or send an e-mail to

Tack pictured may include options that are available at additional cost.


Leather Colors  Show Brown, Black, Chestnut
(shown left to right) 

We can make all of our leather  tack in any of these three colors at no additional cost.

If you desire another color, you must call us to see what is available.  Custom colors cost more, take longer to procure and may make your item non-returnable.
Leather colors for saddles and tack
Breast Collars Breast collars and pulling collars are designed to stop the saddle from slipping rearwards while riding. Saddles can slip towards the rear while going through hilly terrain, when girths loosen or by the action of the rider's seat in the saddle. Custom sizing for breast collars for an additional $20.00.  

Terrain (4-point)

Crest Ridge Saddlery designed this 4 point all terrain gaited horse breast collar. The unique method of 4 even points for attachment prevents interference, allowing the horse free range of motion while securing the saddle to enable you to traverse even the roughest terrain with confidence.  Two sizes:  Cob 46” to 55”; Regular 51” to 60”    From $56.00  

Crest Ridge Saddlery's version of the classic Y-Breast Collar features premium grade heavy leather that is hand stitched with stainless steel hardware. The bottom strap is riveted for extra strength.  The wide leather breast straps provide excellent weight distribution and comfort for your horse.  This breast collar attaches easily with scissor snaps and is completely adjustable. The lower strap is riveted for extra strength. 

Stamping is available as an option for $7.00. 

From $65.00 (plain without stamping)

Pulling Collar

This Pulling Breast Collar is made of heavy soft and supple harness leather and lined with latigo leather. Pulling collars are typically used on mules. All stress pointed are reinforced with copper rivets not split rivets. Our pulling collar attaches directly on both sides of the swell on your saddle and to the girth underneath your mule.  From $125.00
Breeching & Cruppers Breeching and cruppers are designed to stop the saddle from slipping forward while riding. Saddles can slip forwards rear while going through hilly terrain, when girths loosen or by the rider's seat in the saddle. Mutton withered and round barreled horses and mules often benefit from breeching or a crupper.  


Our breeching is designed to fit most mules and horses.  Our new breeching is hand-made by Amish master craftsmen using premium leathers, reinforced stitching, rivets at stress points and stainless steel hardware.  From $182.00  


Cruppers for horses and mules.  CrupperOne size fits all. 

The tail goes through the crupper and the crupper attaches to the rings at the base of the cantle to prevent the saddle from slipping forward. 

From $45.00

Bucking rolls  CLICK TO ORDER:  

Bucking Rolls 

Bucking rolls act as a supplement to the saddle's swells to help the rider stay in the saddle when a horse is bucking or during other rough riding. They can be used on any of Crest Ridge saddle.

Bucking rolls are designed to be easily put on or removed. There are two screws toward the front of the saddle that are simply unscrewed, then the bucking rolls are put into place and the screws are put back in. Standard leather colors.  $76.00. 

Rear Flank Set

A rear flank set, or back cinch, is used to keep the rear of your saddle from pitching forward. The flank set (3 pieces together) on it's shortest setting is 58 inches, and it lengthens to 72 inches. The off-billets are 1 and 1/4 inches wide and the flank itself it 3 inches wide. Roller buckles provide for easy adjustment and the center buckle easily attaches to the girth. This sturdy set is double-sewn with nylon thread for strength, and contains stainless steel buckles with keepers, as well as reinforced copper rivets at all stress points. From $72.00


We designed the Supra Cinch to help improve saddle stability for round, mutton-withered horses without galling or over-tightening your cinch. The Supra Cinch also provides additional saddle stability for those of us who aren't as spry as we once were and need a little extra time to swing a leg over while mounting. Our Supra Cinch is an updated version of a packer's cinch (also known as a "X girth" or endurance cinch). We use only high quality materials, reinforced stitching and stainless steel hardware to create a durable and safe cinch.    Click here for instructions on how to use the SupraCinch  $72.75 Supra Cinch

Supra Cinch
Western to English
Billet Converter Set
This billet converter set allows you to use English style girths with your western saddle.  Set of four.  $55.00 Western to English Bittlets
Headstalls Custom sizing for headstalls for $20.00 additional.
Click here for measuring instructions for custom headstalls.

Bitless Bridle

When you direct rein using our headstall for a bitless bridle, gentle pressure is placed over the horse's poll on the opposite side.  The horse, with proper training of course, will turn towards the rein you pulled to release pressure over the poll.  Our bitless headstall fits your horse and is positioned just as any other headstall.  It does not rely on pressure over the horse's nose as is the case for some bitless bridles.   Reins attach easily to the large stainless steel rings.
The Lip to Lip adjusts from 32” to 44”, the Brow is 15 1/2”, and the Nose adjusts from 20” – 23”.   $72.00
Bitless Bridle Bitless Bridle

Draw Chain Halter

The draw chain mule halter aids in teaching a mule to lead in a pack string.  $95.00

Halter Bridle

Our halter bridle features a reinforced headstall with leather bit holding straps the use quick attach scissor snaps for attaching to the headstall.  Simply attach your bit normally to the straps and you can quickly attach/detach the bit from the headstall.  The headstall is strong enough for use as a halter.  The #1 grade leather is stamped.  $125.00 Halter Bridle


This headstall features a large, easily used, snap to release the crownpiece (also called the headpiece) of the headstall.  These are great for horses who dislike the headstall being pulled over their ears.  These head stalls are very popular for use with mules. This head stall is highly adjustable, fitting horses and mules measuring: 
     Lip-to-Lip: 41"-51" Throat Latch: 24-28.5"   Brow Band: 16"
From $55.00

Over-the-Ear Headstall

Over-the-Ear Halter for Mammoth Mules

Similar to the snap over the ear head stall shown above with the addition of a noseband. Sized and reinforced for use on Mammoth mules.

From $100.00


The Renegade is our basic head stall.  It is highly adjustable and features Crest Ridge Saddlery's commitment to quality. This head stall is highly adjustable, fitting horses and mules measuring:
     Lip-to-Lip: 36 - 50"   Throat Latch: 31-40"   Brow Band: 15"
From $42.00
Renegade Headstall Renegade headstall with stamping

1880's Old Timer

This beautiful Old Timer head stall is an exact replica of the head stalls originally sold with the Old Timer Saddles of the 1880's. Great for either your gaited horse or mule! The brow band is 15.5" and the nose band adjusts to a maximum of 29". This head stall expands up to 48" lip to lip and will fit most animals 1200 pound or less. It features a quick bit change system with stainless steel buckles on each side of the bit. No Chicago screws to fall out or wet leather ties to fool with. Just attach your bit, snap on Crest Ridge reins and go!  From $88.00 1880's Old Timer Headstall

Braided Roping

Classic braided roping rein.
114" (9.5') long.

Roping Rein 

Classic flat roping rein.
120" (10') long.
From $41.00
Roping Rein Ropien rein with stamping

Split Reins

90" (8.5') long split reins.
32" of doubled leather.
Scissor snaps for quick attachment.
From $41.00
Split Reins Split reins with stamping
Stirrups Check the Saddle Options page for upgrading stirrups when purchasing a saddle.   

Laced Bell

Features a high strength light weight polymer shoe, double-lined with drum dyed leather and double-sewn with waxed nylon thread.   These stirrups are 5.5" tall and 5" wide on the inside.  The tread is 2.5" wide.  The yoke is 3" wide.   $41.00

Oversized Bell

These stirrups will accommodate very wide boots and overshoes.  The stirrup has a 3" yoke.  $65.00 Over-sized laced bell stirrup


These endurance stirrups provide a wide, cushioned platform for your feet providing comfort and safety on long rides. The heavy gauge metal frame is very crush resistant. They are double-lined with drum-dyed leather and double-sewn with waxed nylon thread. The padding on bottom of Stirrup is soft rubber 3/4" thick with tread for extra traction.  These stirrups are 5.25" tall and 5.5" wide on the inside.  The tread is 4" wide.  The yoke is 3" wide but can be easily adjusted to fit different fenders/stirrup leathers.  

From $82.00.
Endurance Stirrup Enduance Stirrup with border stamping

 Endurance Stirrup with basket weave stamping


These stirrups will protect your feet and prevent your foot from going through the stirrup in the roughest terrain and densest vegetation. They are 8.5" high, 5.5" wide and 6.75" deep from front to back at longest point. The neck yoke is 3" wide, but can be adjusted easily. The leather yoke wrap helps keep the bolt attachment from rusting. The heavy gauge metal frame is very crush resistant. From $115.00   Tapadero Stirrup



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