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Crest Ridge Saddlery offers top quality tack to compliment your saddle. As with all of our products, we use only top grade materials and Amish craftsmanship to build each piece of tack we sell.  All of our tack is made by us, here in the United States.  Questions or if you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call at 417-644-0091 or send an e-mail to

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Saddle Fitting with Debra Racheter

We offer a DVD that covers the basics of saddle fitting that we presented on RFD-TV.  The video provides an overview to many of the topics covered in our various saddle fitting pages.  We encourage you to attend one of Debra's clinics at the major equine trade shows we attend or a privately hosted clinic in your area where she can can into much greater detail.  The video is 22 minutes in length.  The DVD costs $7.50.  Call to order.   

Saddle Bags

Our premium saddle bags are made from the same Wicket and Craig #1 stamped leather as our saddles.  These saddle bags are functional, yet elegant enough for a parade. We use stainless steel hardware and scissor snaps for quick attachment.  The back strap is curved and fits all Crest Ridge Saddles.   $270.00  

Swell Bag

Crest Ridge Saddlery's innovative swell bag fits any of our saddles.  It attaches in front of the pommel with generous leather straps and stainless steel buckles.  This bag lets you keep small items handy right in front of you.  The bag is curved on the bottom to avoid hitting your horses withers.  $64.00   
Dog Coats    

Dog Coats

Our premium dog coats are made from an outer shell of Codura and lined with a synthetic fleece, the same materials used in our synthetic saddles. The neck flap is highly adjustable with two metal snaps on the outer flap and three on the inside flap. The belly strap is 2" wide velcro sewn to Cordura. Each coat has two pockets on the back, ideal for storing leashes, extra collars, etc.

These jackets are warm, durable and shed water off the back.

They are hand washable Cold water, I recommend a product like Woolite to wash them, rinse well and lay flat to dry. Re-treat with Campdry spray to make the coat water repellant again.

Measure your dog from where it wears a collar to the base of the tail to get the appropriate size, in inches. Make sure you indicate the exact size you need. Each coat is made to order.

Small:  10"-13"    $30.00
Medium:  14"-16"   $37.50
Large:  17"-22"   $45.00

Ear Bonnets    

Ear bonnets for horses

These knit ear bonnets keep insects off your horse's ears. The hunter orange bonnets add safety when riding during hunting season.  $9.00

Ear bonnets for mules

These knit ear bonnets keep insects off your mule's ears. The hunter orange bonnets add safety when riding during hunting season. Same as the ear bonnets for horses but sized for our long-eared friends.  $9.00

Cordura Fenders

These Cordura fenders are the same ones we use on our synthetic saddles. You can use these are replacements should your cordura fenders ever wear out.  You can also switch our heavier leather fenders on many of our saddles with these 100% Denier Cordura fenders to reduce the weight of your saddle.  $75.00

How to replace fenders on your saddle:

1.  Start by removing the stirrups and Blevins slide that locks the buckle.
2.  Then tie a new 72 inch polyester boot lace to the very last adjustment hole on the fender securely so that it cannot possibly come undone.
3.  Then have someone hold the saddle by the swell and cantle while you pull on the end that has the Blevins buckle until you have it pulled completely out of the fender slot in the tree leaving the lace in place up and over the tree.
4.Then untie the lace from the hole and tie it to the new fenders. Before you do make sure it is the correct fender. Gently pull the lace back through the tree while guiding the leather through the slot. Continue pulling until the fender is in the correct position, remove the lace and add the stirrup.
Leather Fenders These are the same leather fenders we use on our trail saddles.  You can upgrade you Lite or Ultra-Lite saddle using these fenders.  We ask you call 1-417-644-0091 to order these fenders so we can custom order them for you in terms of leather color, length and stamping.

From $175.00
Leather Conditioner    

Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner

Premium Leather care! This is the product we use here at our own Saddle shop in Lowry City, MO. Leaves leather soft and supple! If you have any questions, you may call us at (417) 644-0091 Crest Ridge Saddlery!

• Does not darken finished leather.
• Conditions, cleans, polishes and protects.
• Recommended for exotic leathers.
• Ideal for leather restoration and deep conditioning.

Bick 4 Leather Conditioner is specially formulated to condition, clean, polish and preserve all smooth finished leather. It is ideal for reconditioning old or dry leather. It is recommended for all leathers even exotics. Bick 4 will not leave a sticky or gummy residue behind. Try it on your leather clothing, as we as furniture, car interiors, purses etc.

Always check for colorfastness in a hidden area before using. If item is very dirty, clean it with Bick 1 Leather Cleaner first. Then apply Bick 4 liberally with a cloth. Let dry and buff. Repeat as necessary. Do not use on suede, roughout or napped leathers.

Keep out of reach of children.

Manufactured for Bickmore, Ann Arbor, MI 48131

Made in the USA!!

Rain Coats Pommel or Saddle Slickers  

Saddle Slicker

Our saddle slicker is a reproduction of the A.J. Tower Fish Slicker - so called in the 1800's because they were made out of sailcloth. Today, these slickers are also known as "Pommel Slickers."

Our cowboy Saddle Slicker is made of cotton muslin, hand-painted with acrylic latex to waterproof the material. It has the traditional red collar with storm closure, two rows of buttons, one for riding and a closer set for walking. The slicker is fully lined with 100% cotton so it breathes. Most modern slickers are made of rubber, latex or plastic. These materials simply will not breath and they are heavy.

We chose this coat over all others because it is lightweight, it breathes and when ordered in the proper size it covers everything from your collar to the top of your boots. This slicker will last longer than those made of plastic and they are tear resistant.  To care for your slicker simply wash with a garden hose, or cold water, and hang on a rack to dry. Do not dry clean or machine wash this garment.

Limited quantities left.  Small, medium and large only.

$70.00  Closeout Pricing




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